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It isn’t enough to just talk about experience, knowledge or capabilities. Sure, our staff has more than enough law enforcement and other applicable work experience to do the job but that means nothing if our work doesn’t exceed your expectations.  When the company was founded, we wanted to differentiate ourselves by focusing on a partnership with the client. We listen intently to every detail of their requirements, try to understand their goals and then (together) strategically assimilate a plan that will deliver the best results and work product. That client satisfaction is evident by our testimonials, so we will let our reputation speak for our work. Please browse our site, learn what we do and always reach out to us because no two cases or projects are alike. Call today to learn more about how we can help mitigate your security risks or uncover information critical to your investigation.

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Who is SCG

Founded by former law enforcement officers, we focus on helping others find truth, improve their security and protecting lives. We spent a majority of our lives being reactive to crime and witnessing the unfortunate and unsafe reality which is the world we live in today. During our time as cops, we did what we could to help others, but found ourselves handcuffed by a lack of resources, lack of manpower and inability to help everyone. So here we are, ready to show others how to protect themselves and make a proactive difference in the lives of others.  Businesses, organizations, non-profits and private individuals…we are here to help you all!

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Our Team

Due to the sensitive nature of our business and that many of our staff conduct undercover surveillance work, we are unable to include photos and full bios on any employees.  However, our founder and several key members of the company are all former law enforcement officers with a combined 60+ years of experience.  Additionally, we have investigators and consultants with experience in insurance investigations, corporate security, disaster response, crime prevention, security technologies, crash reconstruction, and other applicable backgrounds which lends to a very diverse and qualified team.  We pride ourselves on matching the best talent we have to offer, with the specific requirements and scope of each investigation or security project.  Simply put, we can and will get the job done. Call us today and we will gladly meet you face to face so that you can get to know us better!


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