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Freight Watch International estimates there are approximately 78.8 cargo thefts a month, which equates to 2.59 per day across the United States.  Now, that may sound like pretty good odds and a low risk.  But what if I told you that the range of loss across products in 2011 was between $51,000 to as high as $1 million+.  That average has dropped in 2012, but any shrinkage close to those numbers would drastically impact a company’s revenue.  Investing in several layers of security to ensure the safe arrival of your shipments is a small price to pay.  Companies often become so fixated on what money is coming in the front door, that they fail to acknowledge the money loss out the back door in shrinkage.  Well, we aim to resolve that problem and mitigate your risks associated with freight transport.  Sentinel Consulting Group offers a variety of services, when combined form much needed redundant security and reassurance of safe passage of your goods from dock to dock.  Call today to learn more!

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Cargo Escort Security

Former law enforcement officers with an average of 20 years experience follow your freight from Point A to Point B.  Providing 24/7 constant surveillance on the load, we can better ensure the integrity of your drivers and the safe arrival of your cargo. In conjunction with our GPS tracking, this adds another layer of redundancy to protect your business.


GPS Tracking Services

Utilizing some of the most reliable trackers in the industry, SCG offers our clients an added layer of oversight on their cargo.  Already using your own tracker?  Remember, security should be built like the layers of an onion.  So, consider the redundancy and have us covertly place a tracker of our own.



Cargo theft, loss prevention, or drug trafficking?  All of these crimes can have a dramatic impact on your business and the profit tied up in the cargo that is being handled by people on the docks and drivers.  Don’t expect law enforcement to have the time to commit to the investigation before you have proof, call us today and we will get what you need.

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Sentinel Consulting Group stands ready to protect your freight from theft, tampering or illegal drug trafficking conducted in your vehicles.

And we have a myriad of ways to assist in this mission, from investigations, GPS tracking and even freight security escorts by experienced former law enforcement officers.

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