Why Do We Need SCG?

Corporate investigations are critical to the bottom line of any company, and to eliminating those situations which can undermine the success of any company.  Today’s business world is highly competitive, riddled with corporate espionage, embezzlement, fraud, and other unethical and even illegal practices.  In addition, we have seen a rise in workplace violence, sexual harassment and similar crimes against persons.

Often times these crimes and actions are done in plain sight with no question as to whom the offender is, but more often than not the company does not suspect anything until it is too late.  And being too late can mean the loss of $100,000 or even the loss of life in the case of workplace violence or domestic violence spill over.

Regardless of whether your company has an investigative team or no security department at all, aligning with Sentinel Consulting Group can have very positive results with your internal investigations.  By leveraging the experience, skills, resources and capabilities of our firm, you can extend the reach and scope of your investigations to allow for a more comprehensive strategy.  Among the many benefits of utilizing SCG include:

  We have invested considerably in covert cameras, GPS tracking devices and other tools and equipment which  greatly impact the success of our cases.

  Our company does not rely on a single source of information from data mining companies, rather we use 4-5 at any given time and cross reference the data to ensure accuracy and better understand the subject under investigation.

  No one in your company knows us, so planting one of our investigators into a current job opening within your organization allows us to secretly obtain evidence and build a case without their knowledge of who we really are.

  Our team is comprised of investigators and security consultants with very diverse backgrounds from law enforcement, corporate security, disaster preparedness, insurance, human resources, sales/marketing and other experience which allows us to better understand your business but also integrate seamlessly into an undercover capacity.

  We aren’t on your payroll all the time.  Outsourcing has long been a trend on the rise and using external investigators is no different than a temporary secretary or contract accountant….you use us when you need us, not when you don’t.

  SCG has connections with local, state and federal law enforcement, which can greatly aide in the successful apprehension and prosecution of offenders that have committed crimes against your company.  These relationships allow us to bridge the gap more smoothly between the private and public sectors and we understand what they will need to successfully pursue a case.

  SCG strives to provide a wide breadth of services to our clients, and focuses on utilizing our most qualified investigators/consultants for the specific type of case and requirements of the customer.  By ensuring the most accurate match, we can deliver a better quality work product, investigative report and make certain that all facets of the investigation are carefully examined.

Where Can SCG Help?

Employee Theft/Loss Prevention
Corporate Espionage/Sabotage
Workplace Violence
Undercover Operations

Corporate Investigative Services

 Undercover Investigators

 Executive Protection/Travel Safety Planning

 Asset Protection/Loss Prevention

 Cellular & Computer Forensics



 Background Investigations


 Electronic Counter Measure Sweeps

 Hidden Camera Installation & GPS Tracker Rentals