Schools immediately come to mind when most people think of active shooters and incidents of mass violence. Surely, the gravity of the situation is heavy on our hearts when the victims are children and it is difficult to imagine a world where tragedies such as Sandy Hook can occur.

The reality is that incidents of mass violence are on the rise and studies have shown the threat posed to businesses is just as great and in some recent years there has been a higher prevalence of workplace shootings than in schools. One study by Dr. John Nicholette looked at the 35 incidents that occurred in 2012. Of those, 51% occurred in the workplace which shows that while school shootings receive far more media attention, the risk in a business is greater (statistically speaking).

So, what do you do to prepare for this albeit small but deadly risk? Follow these steps:

  1. Have a qualified security consultant complete a thorough physical security audit of your facility. That includes interior/exterior assessment of all electrical, mechanical and procedural security measures.
  2. Allow them to develop a customized emergency response plan, complete with lockdown procedures and train/educate all employees on what to do in the event of an active shooter or other violent intruder.
  3. Purchase a panic button system to protect your front line staff such as receptionists, particularly if you are in a high risk industry prone to angry clients or other visitors (e.g. law firms, utilities, etc.)
  4. Conduct lockdown drills at least twice per year, and if possible have the security consultant observe at least the first one to ensure comprehension of the protocols.

There are many small steps that go into the above mentioned procedures. However, by choosing the right security consulting firm you are better able to mitigate your risks as they will use a very holistic approach and evaluate all threats posed to your business.

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