We Are Here To Protect You

Our clients safety is a top priority, whether it is their personal security, their families or their assets and property.  By leveraging extensive experience in law enforcement, protective services and corporate america we are able to better blend into various environments.  This provides us the ability to ensure your safety without the obvious muscle head bodyguard getting in the way of your important business deal or a relaxing family vacation.  See for yourself how we are different…..call us today about our executive protection services.

Why Sentinel?

Our Company Mission
The SCG Philosophy
The SCG Promise

Advanced Planning

We analyze every aspect of your travel arrangements, creating security plans based on your itinerary rather than impeding your travel by forcing our own travel schedule on you.

Executive Protection

360° x 24/7 Coverage

Sentinel will select its agents according to your needs, male or female, older or younger and speaking any number of languages, thus seamlessly blending in around you and taking the target off your back.


Protect, Cover, Evade, Escape

Our team has had extensive training in pursuit driving, defensive tactics, tactical maneuvers, first aid/CPR, and other critical skills necessary to protect our principals.

  Stalking & Threat Assessments

  Personal Safety Training

  Estate Security Audit & Review

  Tactical Firearms & Self Defense Exercises

  Personal Protection Details

  Travel Advisory & Planning Services

Protect Me

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