What Is It & How Does it Compare to a Traditional Panic Button?

Sentinel Consulting Group is an approved re-seller of the ePanic Button Incident Notification System, a panic button to protect your frontline workers.  ePanic Button is a completely customizable incident notification/panic button system with two components –  a web-based administrative site hosted by ePanic Button, and a small client installed on workstations.  The program is easily downloaded from the web-based administrative site and quickly installed onto your workstations within minutes.

Desktop alerts are sent and received on workstations in your local area network.  Email and text messages are sent on your outgoing SMTP server.  With just one click of a mouse, keystroke, or tap of a foot pedal, front line workers rapidly and discreetly send any combination of desktop alerts, email and text messages to any combination of receivers you specify.

You create your buttons, alert messages, and receiver groups on the web-based administrative site.  ePanic Button lets you customize your alert messages according to levels of urgency, department, location, role – whatever you require.

Plain English, Please?

The defendant in your family law case has just had his wages garnished because he was avoiding paying spousal support.  This latest development is the final proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” in 3 years of a collapsing life which included divorce and less time with his kids.  Maybe he was laid off and just finally got a new job only to have money immediately taken out of his new paychecks.  Add to this some heavy alcohol use, depression and/or mental instability and Mr. Infuriated decides to walk into his wife’s law firm with every intent to do harm to anyone he sees.  As he approaches the front desk, the receptionist tries to calm him down but she refuses to have the lawyer come to the front.   She explains that he will have to go through his attorney for any correspondence, but he continues to become enraged that he cannot confront the lawyer.  The situation continues to escalate higher and higher until he snaps…..

No need to fill in the rest of the story, but ePanic can empower the receptionist by providing a fast and discreet method of contacting other office personnel and alerting them to the situation.  Using a panic button can assist with early intervention that could save her life or at least allow others to escape.

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emergency room - mass violence


Protect your staff, patients and visitors from threats at the front desk.  Don’t allow a situation where you have to treat them too.

corporate security


Terminated employees can hold quite a grudge, be prepared if they decide to come back for vengeance.

school security


It is our responsibility to protect our youth, they are the future and expect us to look after them.


church violence

Faith Based

Churches can often be targets of violence because of their ease of access and from those with opposing views or alternate beliefs.

violence at law firms

Law Offices

Like many other professions, lawyers will make many enemies in the process of representing their client’s best interests.

government security


Never before has the dissatisfaction in our government been higher or the confidence been lower.

Why Do You Need It?

What do the following places all have in common? (Mouse over for a hint)

 University (Virginia) 32 Killed, April '07

 Elementary School (Connecticut) 27 Killed, Dec. '12

 Restaurant (Texas) 23 Killed, Oct. '91

 Fast Food Restaurant (California) 21 Killed, July '84

 University (Texas) 18 Killed, Aug. '66

 Military Base (Texas) 13 Killed, Nov. '09

 Community Center (New York) 13 Killed, Apr. '09

 High School (Colorado) 13 Killed, Apr. '99

 Military Base (District of Columbia) 12 Killed, Sept. '13

 Movie Theatre (Colorado) 12 Killed, July '12

 Brokerage Firm (Georgia) 12 Killed, July '99

 Hotel (Louisiana) 9 Killed, Jan. '73

 Beauty Salon (California) 8 Killed, Oct. '11

 Beverage Distributor Plant (Connecticut) 8 Killed, Aug. '10

 Machine Shop (Florida) 8 Killed, Aug. '82

 Nursing Home (North Carolina) 8 Killed, Mar. '10

 Shopping Mall (Nebraska) 8 Killed, Dec. '07

 Law Office (California) 8 Killed, July '93


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Peace of Mind
Early Intervention
Time & Distance

How it Works?

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