Let Us Evaluate the Strength of Your Security Program With Penetration Testing

Confident in your front line receptionist that she/he will ensure the protection of your staff? How about that security guard out on patrol or the protection of your data by your sales team? The point is that you test your fire alarm all the time, but how often do you test your security initiatives? By hiring consultants at Sentinel Consulting Group, we can provide critical penetration testing services which help to evaluate your current security program(s).

Anything in life is only as strong as it’s weakest point.  Our goal is not to embarrass our clients or demonstrate poor management of security but rather help them identify vulnerabilities in their physical security and strengthen that “weakest point”.

These exercises are custom designed with each client, identifying the rules of engagement and determining any boundaries that either party wants established to ensure the safety and respect of both parties.  We then employ a variety of physical, psychological and sociological techniques to gain access to important information, locations, or other targets that the client wants to exploit for vulnerability.  While we cannot disclose all of our methods, some of the most effective ones include:

  • Social Engineering

  • Dumpster Diving

  • Baiting

  • Lock Picking

  • Insider Threat Penetration

  • Counter-surveillance

The result is a comprehensive report of the strengths within a security and/or disaster plan along with ratings for any high risk/threat areas that need to be addressed.

Security professionals, executive protection specialists and others tasked with securing property and people are encountering challenges not seen in years past.  Allow Sentinel to partner with them, test the measures in place and ensure the safety of all those they protect.