Project Description

Church Security – A Balancing Act

Overview: A large church hired SCG to conduct a complete security audit of the entire property, oversee mock active shooter exercises for their day care/after school care & establish policies for school lockdown.

Challenge: In the wake of Newtown, CT, Covenant recognized the vulnerabilities of its facility and the potential for harm which could come of its staff, congregation and children which participate in day care and after school care programs. Beyond the risk associated with any property, the fact that it is a faith based institution brings about its own additional threats from those who disagree or simply see a church as an easier target for victimization. And, adding the volume of children on the property at any given point simply increases the concern for security and safety. The difficult balance to strike is maintaining the environment, atmosphere and culture desired by a House of God, while still implementing security strategies and protocols that will protect the property and people inside.

Outcome: A complete security proposal was presented which included a multi-phase approach to mitigate their risks. Phase I was a full physical security audit of the entire property, which concluded that the church already had a strong grasp of its vulnerabilities and had addressed many of them with common sense and efficient security solutions. The few weak points observed were documented with strategies and estimated costs associated with the improvements. Phases II and III are set to be underway soon.

Greg’s ability to assess the safety and security of our buildings, the response of our teachers and staff, and offer creative and practical solutions is to be commended. I would recommend Sentinel Consulting Group without reservation!
Michelle Foster, Covenant Church