Project Description

Nursing Home Security – Protecting the Elderly

Overview: After being victimized of vandalism, theft & assault, we developed a holistic security strategy for a 70+ acre retirement community thus reducing their attractiveness as a target and providing peace of mind to residents. Nursing home security is important as protecting the elderly is a responsibility that the owners and SCG take very seriously.

Challenge: A very large property which houses multiples levels of senior care from full healthcare, independent living and houses/cottages began seeing an increase in crime on its property. This was in large part as a result of spill over from higher crime areas just adjacent and surrounding its facility. Atmosphere and culture is critical to their success, so our consultants had to balance its recommendations for improved security with minimizing the “fortress” appearance and the impact on quality of life for residents and staff. A multi-phase proposal was presented which began with those areas which would have the greatest mitigation of risk first and gradually moving to those changes which would be more cost prohibitive and more difficult to justify. By implementing less invasive strategies first, residents could begin to gradually adjust to the change and recognize the benefits to their safety.

Outcome: Phases I & II were completed over the past year and have been met with considerable success. Specifically, fencing has been constructed on the borders which had the greatest penetration of trespassers and vandals. Along with meetings held with local law enforcement, the combination of target hardening and increased patrol completely eliminated the problems they were previously experiencing. Phase III & IV will be underway in Q4 2014. Call today to learn more about our nursing home security and investigation services.

SCG responded to our needs in a timely and concise manner.  Our needs and concerns were addressed in a detailed report issued to us upon completion of their assessment.  The entire process was quick and we were able to move to resolution.  We look forward to a continued relationship with Sentinel.
Confidential, Operations Director, 70+ Acre Retirement Community


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