Project Description

Overview: SCG provided timely & critical consulting, investigations, protection and training to a business which was the victim of an armed robbery.

Challenge: Staff at a local business was robbed at gun point in the middle of the work day.  The subject was caught on their CCTV cameras, but was wearing a dark hoodie and face mask so the identity was unable to be determined.  Employees were scared and management wanted to do whatever was necessary to ensure the protection of staff and mitigate the risk of it occurring again.

Solution:  Sentinel began with an in-depth assessment of the property and procedures at the business.  We made numerous recommendations for enhanced security which all were initiated almost immediately.  While those improvements were in motion, we also provided protection to the key staff members whom were able to identify the potential suspects as they feared retaliation.  Additionally, our investigative team worked alongside key personnel to gather intel that could be useful to law enforcement in their investigation.  Through relationship modeling and link analysis, we were able to assist the client in identifying a very likely accomplice to the robbery and other subjects whom may have been indirectly involved.  Upon completion of all security improvements, our CEO assisted the client in developing policy and procedures for the employee handbook which specifically deal with security related matters.  Additionally, he conducted staff training with all personnels & management on situational awareness in addition to other topics which will enhance their security program.

Results: The business has made substantial policy changes which will greatly enhance their security and risk management.  Additionally, the hardware and electronic security measures in place will serve as a better deterrence and greater likelihood of detection.