Apartment Security – Protecting a Community
Overview: Assisted a property management company to better secure and clean up two apartment communities which were riddled with gang and drug activity.

Challenge: Upon taking over the property, Birch Management quickly realized that it would prove difficult to maintain a full residency with the crime problems which plagued the area. We identified validated gang members from some of the most dangerous gangs in the US and clear evidence of drug dealing from the vacant apartments.

Outcome: A complete physical security audit was conducted at the properties, inclusive of exterior grounds, lighting, doors, windows and other attributes which required enhancements. Additionally, utilizing CPTED principles, we identified landscape and other environmental changes which were low cost but could have a profound effect on the delineation of public versus private space and control of human behavior. Our consultants completed thorough crime analysis by working alongside law enforcement and aided in improving the relationship and partnership between property management/ownership and key police personnel.