Sentinel Consulting Group, LLC is a leading provider of investigative services throughout North Carolina.  We are successful because we take the time to clearly understand our client’s goals and requirements for their investigation.  Our private investigators are all professionally trained through law enforcement experience or by our founders with this same experience.   Each case is diligently managed by a lead investigator whom employs our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and a consistent multi-phase approach to the investigation.  Whether it is an infidelity, fraud, missing person, personal injury, workers compensation or even a simple asset search, we will conduct an ethical, confidential investigation without the “nickel and dime” that many have experienced from our competitors.

Private Investigations Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, and surrounding areas


  Consultation – Starting with a 1-hour free consultation, this time is spent establishing a partnership with you and understanding the full scope of the investigation, outlining your goals and desired outcome and creating a strategy for the case.  Additionally, we want to clearly explain our processes, procedures, rates and policies.  Lastly, it is important for us to establish how we will communicate effectively during the investigation so that we can promptly and efficiently keep you updated on the progress.  This consult and all correspondence we have will be held in strict confidentiality.

  Case Intake – Our initial goals during this phase are to establish the contract between SCG and the client, ensure we have all applicable information to get started and begin compiling documentation, forms, maps, data, information, equipment and other resources which will be needed.  We will determine which of our personnel are the most suitable based on the type of investigation and begin brainstorming about the most appropriate strategy to approach the case.

  Fact Finding – At this stage we are in fact finding mode, interviewing witnesses, conducting surveillance, researching, collecting evidence and other functions which will help us to develop intelligence.  SCG utilizes a wide array of technologies including covert cameras & GPS Trackers as well as employing processes such as forensic cell phone/computer scans, we are able to deliver a holistic and comprehensive investigative strategy that will ensure a greater likelihood of success.  We are the one stop resource for your investigation and won’t just rack up a big surveillance bill if we believe that less surveillance along with a forensic scan is a more suitable and effective approach.  Simply put, you can trust that we will follow the shortest (and most cost effective) path to successfully obtain the truth.

  Analysis – Now it is time to assess the facts, evidence and findings from the previous stage.  We will complete link analysis, cross reference information from various sources and put the “investigative puzzle” together.  Based on what we find here, we may have to complete more fact finding or it may be determined that there is sufficient evidence to begin closing the case out.  Regardless, SCG will maintain the open communication line we have with the client to ensure that you know exactly where we are at any point during the investigation.

  Report – “If you didn’t write it down, then it didn’t happen.” We heard that hundreds of times during law enforcement training, and the same rule applies in the private sector.  So, we document and document and document some more…all with the intent of having a final report that could be written by a child if they were handed our field notes.  All reports are generated immediately after a case is complete and we pride ourselves on esthetics just about as much as grammar and content.  The report must be clear, concise, contain all the pertinent facts but also follow a systematic and chronological timeline which makes sense to the reader and based upon the events as they happened.  So, to say that we think the report is important is an understatement.

  Court – Maybe you will need us there, maybe not….or it is quite possible that the evidence we have obtained is so blatant that the defendant (or plaintiff) walks away from the table completely.  Opposing council will have a strong advice for their client if we show two (2) hours of video with a 50 year old man splitting wood with an open workers comp claim on a back injury.  Nor would an ex-employee put up much of a fight when we show the court evidence of her embezzling over $200,000 during her tenure.  We are experienced and prepared to testify on all our cases, but it is always better (and more cost effective) if we can deliver the results to avoid it altogether.

We provide private Investigations Greensboro.