Digital Forensics

Utilizing cutting edge technology, investigators conduct a comprehensive cellular forensics analysis of all data (included deleted content) to gather evidence. The digital footprint people leave behind can be valuable intelligence or even the critical evidence for success in a court room. Call us today to learn more.


Electronic Countermeasures

It is important to make certain your conference room is clear of listening devices, as corporate espionage occurs far more often than most people believe. Our partner firm conducts thorough examinations of your property with cutting edge technology to ensure you are free to talk about all your trade secrets.


Cybercrime Investigations

Interpol stated it is one of the fastest growing areas of crime today, and its economic impact can be devastating. Whether on a smaller scale where a single individual is the victim or a large corporation, the threat of cybercrime is very real and should be taken seriously. Call today to learn more about our ability to track them down.

“Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window”, Steve Wozniak

If you plan to keep secrets on a computer or cell phone, you might want to consider Steve’s advice above.   Rarely do we find the proverbial “smoking gun” in a case, but forensics is more often the exception to that rule.  The correspondence that is discovered through texts, emails & chats can be powerful intelligence and evidence for any case.  Photos and videos tell an even more powerful story just as the saying goes that a “picture is worth a 1000 words”.

rsz_file0001440452984Sentinel is proud to announce the strategic partnership with one of the top forensic computer investigation companies in North Carolina. This alliance allows us to provide additional investigative services direct from a trusted and qualified source and continues our effort to offer a more comprehensive strategy for our client’s case.  Service provided include:

  • Cellular Forensics
  • Computer Forensics
  • Deleted Data Recovery & Spyware Detection
  • Electronic Countermeasures, Bug Detection & Intrusion Detection

By utilizing top shelf forensic examination hardware and software, investigators are able to extract critical data that might otherwise never be found.  We are often able to go back and locate chats, texts and emails that tell a story which was never meant for others to hear but can provide important knowledge for the case.  Whether that evidence is only viable as intelligence gathering or the nail in the coffin, it still can yield very valuable information.

Many claim to be experts in forensic examination of cell phones and computers, purchasing (or using free) software that fails to do an adequate job of capturing an entire hard drive.  We recognize our strengths at SCG and therefore reached out to experts in the field to ensure that we can deliver the best possible services in this area to our clients.  So, we are excited about this alliance and our customers benefit from a sole source provider (Sentinel Consulting Group) for their investigative needs.