The Problem – Insurance Fraud

  The financial impact of insurance fraud is often ignored by the average citizen, but unquestionably damaging to the US economy.  Beyond the strain that fraudulent claims can put on a business, there are indirect effects that impact those employees who have legitimate claims too.  Just as the saying goes, “one bad apples spoils the bunch”….those who are unfortunate enough to be injured on the job will be more closely scrutinized by the carrier, medical providers and their employer as they navigate the often difficult process of filing their claim.  However, the fraud committed by companies with respect to their workers compensation policies is far less known but just as detrimental.  Through misclassification of job codes, denial of valid claims, ghost policies and refusal to even get coverage a company can avoid costly insurance premiums.  These types of crimes cost taxpayers billions of dollars, just as seen in the statistic below.

Also of concern is fraudulent claims relating to fires, floods, theft and even death.  Our investigators have extensive experience in law enforcement and the insurance business which allows them to better understand each case and incorporate their knowledge into gathering the necessary evidence.


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