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Providing security consultants to our partner clients is how we got our start years ago and continues to be an integral component of our business. At Sentinel Consulting Group, our staff spent a majority of their previous careers in law enforcement reacting to crime and then attempting to assist organizations prevent it for the next time.  So we thought, why not try to get out ahead of it! Thus we formed SCG and have helped many clients to improve their security programs and further mitigate their risks.

You see, companies often get very focused on revenues and less concerned about money “going out the back door”.  This can often substantially negate the profits that a business should be enjoying.  In the case of a non-profit, it is extremely detrimental to their bottom line and can often determine the fate of their organization.

We offer a host of services for our clients, from training, policy development, security guard screening to full security audits and even executive protection and investigations. Security Consulting Greensboro NC. Explore our site to learn more…..

Regardless of whether you have a security department or not, an unbiased third party audit can be one of the most critical steps in identifying your vulnerabilities and mitigating associated risks.  Just because you have a CFO doesn’t mean that you don’t use an outside resource for auditing, so why not take the same approach when it comes to protecting your employees, property, assets and customers.  Call today to learn more about what our experienced consultants can do for you.
Often clients will have a specific threat which can greatly impact their business, but are not certain to what extent. Whether it is an angry and vengeful ex-employee, customer or simply a competitor who is willing to do about anything to damage your company, we are highly adept at assessing that threat and measuring its potential impact.
Do you have fire drills, a procedure for protecting your employees in the event of a tornado?  Well, how about an active shooter or a hostage scenario?  Without a plan for these incidents, you may as well expect the worst possible outcome.  And while the frequency of such event may be minimal, the impact is massive.  Last question…are you willing to take that risk?  If not, call SCG to learn more about how we can develop policies and procedures for these incidents and begin mock exercises to test the company’s response to them.
There aren’t many things more important than education, and just because we may have all graduated from school, doesn’t mean that learning should stop at the college diploma.  Security is an ever evolving and growing industry with just as many advancements as other topics.  Allow our experts to keep you up to speed on the latest trends, strategies and tactics to minimize the risks of breaches or threats to your business.
Sentinel prides itself on offering a comprehensive offering of services from a group of individuals with varied and extensive backgrounds in investigations, security, personal protection, disaster planning and response, and more.  Browse the site and see what we can do for you, or please call so we can develop a program specific to your organization.

“Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points”, Knute Rockne

In security, there is no shame in recognizing where your vulnerabilities are and in fact it is a demonstration of a true professional of the trade.  Unlike other functions within an organization, one of the most important goals of a CSO is to mitigate risks associated with a property and bring those weak points up to the level of the more hardened areas..just as Knute as stated in his above quote.  Every security professional feels confident in their abilities to protect the assets and people of an organization.  However, it is the “outside person” who would be attempting to penetrate the facility in an actual crime, so there is high value in using an “outside consultant” for any security audit or  vulnerability assessment.  Someone who has no knowledge of the inner workings of the property, unbiased viewpoint of the potential risks and no ulterior motives to portray a higher security level than what actually exists.

With the diversity of experience that each of our team members brings, we are able to leverage that knowledge to deliver a more comprehensive analysis.  Additionally, SCG believes in a more collaborative approach to security consulting rather than one of a single sole person serving as the “expert” for all things security.  By utilizing cross functional team members whose roles may involve investigations, security and disaster planning we are able to utilize real world experience and custom tailor our assessments to the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

While we conduct audits for many organizations, businesses, and institutions, we do have industry centric variations which are designed specific to the entity and it’s unique risks.  Regardless of the industry, we utilize a five-stage approach to each assessment which is designed to ensure accuracy in the scope of work and satisfaction of our client(s):

Risk Assessment Process

Research & Intelligence
Site Visit
Collaborate & Research