All too often, an organization will place far too much emphasis on a single piece of security, assuming that it will serve their purposes in mitigating the risk of becoming a victim. We have seen it time and time again, where a business will have an alarm installed after a burglary and then just call it a day. The reality is that an effective security “program” encompasses a multi-layered and holistic approach to combating crime. This is often referred or analogous to an onion, with it’s many layers and this theory clearly symbolizes the approach that businesses (and individuals) need to take when they consider target hardening of their property. As part of our larger audit process, Sentinel Consulting Group closely evaluates each piece of security electronics, it’s effectiveness as a tool in protecting a property and what purpose it serves in the broader security plan. Ideally, a property will have a series of both proactive and reactive measures in place to better ensure it’s protection. The guidelines below are just a few of the key components that we are assessing throughout the security auditing process: 
 Cameras are an incredible tool for both deterrence and detection. Whereas not so many years ago, you primarily only saw them in banks, they later popped up in convenience stores, retail establishments and now they are all over. And the evolution of them has not only increased their resolution, but also reduced their price and shrunk their footprint. Beyond that, we now have intelligent software on the back end which can detect patterns such as a subject leaving a suitcase in a busy airport or the extremely beneficial automatic license plate recognition systems. Our role is to examine the threats to a property, any existing cameras in place and/or what technology most suits the specific needs of the organization. A moderately good resolution camera in a low risk environment will serve their purposes without a problem, unless the risk which does exist would necessitate a very detailed image of an assailant or of the vehicle license plate as they exit. So, it involves far more than just looking at TVL, lux ratings and other specifications off of a cut sheet. Without also evaluating the environment, external ambient light, types of risks, necessity for zoom, resolution and other features or benefits then you have no clear picture (pardon the pun) of what the clients needs are.

  Alarms are probably one of the quickest purchases by a company or individual after a crime is committed, and the sellers of these systems know that. ADT and other companies are notorious for monitoring crime reports through the access of public records and using that information to target specific neighborhoods. Constantly we get calls that say, “there was a recent burglary in your neighborhood and we want to extend a special offer…..”.  However, it is also our opinion that some alarm companies will quickly take advantage of unknowing customers at a time of desperation because of fear of further victimization. They come in and say you need a sensor here, here, here, all the windows, all the doors and maybe one on your dog, cat and who knows what else. The last part was obviously a joke, but the point remains that their tactics are to up-sell. And often a single room can be covered by a motion sensor regardless of how many doors or windows exist within it. That said, there are plenty of times when sensors on entry points are critical, along with a motion sensor in the same room. We won’t go into that since we are in the business of consulting, but understand that just like cameras, the needs vary on a lot of factors. Using a qualified and experienced security consultant from SCG can actually save you money now and in the future.

Access control is far more encompassing in our eyes than what some believe when they look at just their employee badge. Man traps, vehicle traps, security gates, biometric, iris-scanners and far more is involved when considering the needs of an organization. We bounce from extremes here, conducting a security audit on a small office building one day, to a large church the next and finishing the week with a high security data center. Understanding this technology is hard, we will not lie, primarily because it is hard to keep up with. Sentinel Consulting Group has always believed and was founded on the principle that we will serve our clients by pulling together those subject matter experts necessary to properly serve their needs. So, regardless of the level of your security, I can assure you that we will ensure you get the best consultants we can offer as a company. Are we the best, probably not, but being humble and honest while providing excellent service by experienced and knowledgeable staff is what WE do best.