Protecting our clients is what we do, often by investigating the truth or implementing  security improvements to their property.  However, another major role of our company is to provide physical security services and protection against those who wish to do harm to them. Regardless of the circumstances, our agents spend considerable time researching potential threats, investigating specific suspects and planning to ensure the safety of our clients and/or their property.

Advanced planning and 24/7 protection for executives, celebrities or victims of stalking and other threats. Armed, trained, prepared and insured to protect you and/or your more
Freight theft is at an all time high, so what better time to hire former law enforcement officers to ensure its safe arrival. Yet another way for us to protect our clients and their interests. Read more

Whether a corporate meeting with sensitive materials, executives who need to be protected or other events, our role is to assist in the planning phase of ensuring your security.Read more

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