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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Our goals are simple, to help our clients protect themselves and provide any and all resources for them to accomplish that mission.  Many companies may attempt to protect what knowledge base they have acquired in an attempt to maintain the necessity for clients to come back and pay them to do the job.  We believe in sharing what insight, experience and skills we have obtained in our careers.  You can call it training, we call it collaborative learning because it has always been our belief that there is no single expert in any profession. Sure, our staff has plenty of experience and knowledge to teach others and prepare them for their job.  But, each company, environment, industry and student is different thus we believe in tailored, custom training curriculums.

So, feel free to browse our standard course offerings but keep in mind that any and all would be tweaked, modified or enhanced specific for you.   See you in class!

Core Programs

Security Guard Basics
Advanced Security Training
Internal Investigation Principles



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Extensive Training Offering

Because we use a collaborative approach to all of our services, Sentinel can offer a broader array of training classes.  Bringing in subject matter experts from each core area allows our clients to gain more knowledge and learn from those who truly know the material.


Experienced & Knowledgable

Our instructors have extensive experience in law enforcement, emergency planning & security operations.  From running 6-month police academy classes to conducting 200+ attendee seminars on workplace violence, we are well equipped to train your staff.


Customizable & Adaptable

This isn’t our training, it is yours.  So we want to know more about your industry, environment, risks/threats, challenges and pains.  Then we can pick the topics you need most and design the training around your needs, not someone else’s.

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Sentinel delivers comprehensive and customizable training

And we do it with the best talent we can find, collaboratively and engagingly.

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