We See Guilty People

It isn’t like you see in the movies, no Ferraris here and we don’t get in shoot-outs. In fact, a large portion of our time on surveillance is spent staring at objects that aren’t moving, be it a car or a door. But then, after 5-6 hours, we are immediately in adrenaline mode either capturing critical video/photo evidence or going mobile and trying to stay with our target through busy streets. Either way, the role of a surveillance investigator is a very difficult one, and we have worked tirelessly to become experts at it. 

Sentinel Consulting Group often employs a team approach, utilizing several investigators at one time to better increase the odds of success. Whereas a single investigator may have a 40-50% chance of success, using more than one can greatly increase that percentage and ultimately save the client money from having repeated days of failure. Additionally, we integrate technology into everything we do, from GPS tracking devices to covert cameras, props and other tools of the trade. We pride ourselves on being quick thinkers and adapting to the situation as it is ever changing and dynamic when on surveillance.


Highly qualified experts in stationary and mobile surveillance techniques. We offer competitive hourly rates, have a variety of investigators to choose from and partner with our clients to keep them updated the entire time. Plus, we can normally provide clips of the evidence obtained within hours of completing our surveillance.

GPS Tracking

High quality battery powered live tracking devices available for rent or used in conjunction with surveillance to gather intel and evidence. Our units feature 15 second updates, with speed, geofence and other pre-configured alerts. Reports available for location, routes, stop time, speed and other customized data.

Covert Cameras

Rental of covert cameras in various form factors and configurations. Outdoor and indoor models available, including systems connected to the internet for remote mobile viewing. Various form factors include wearable, smoke detectors, power adapters, trail cams, clocks, cell phone models, key fob & more.