Preventing Mass Violence

Sentinel Consulting Group, LLC utilizes a holistic strategy to preventing mass violence and we design custom workplace violence prevention plans and policies. By leveraging experience from our consultants and often partnering with law enforcement and human resource consulting firms, we are able to outline clear and concise strategies for responding to these incidents and taking steps to avoid them.

The risks of these incidents occurring at a location are very minimal, however that does not exempt businesses, schools or organizations from the responsibility to prepare for them. This is planning for the protection of life, which is important enough to place a high priority on it, regardless of the percentage of likelihood of occurrence.


Violence Response Planning

Each of our violence response programs are custom and holistic in nature. We begin this service with a physical security audit and assessment of the property. We also evaluate policies and procedures, specific threats and other variables. Next our consultants develop a strategy for active shooter response. We then provide training and follow up with mock exercises to ensure comprehension of the mass violence prevention & response plan.

panic button

ePanic Button

ePanic is a software based emergency notification system which can allow front line workers to quickly and discreetly notify security, staff/personnel, and others of an impending danger. It provides them with reassurance that they are not alone in dealing with a hostile customer or other individual and that help is only a hot key or foot pedal switch away. Notifications are sent via email, text & dialog pop-up. Learn more here

active shooter investigation


Concerned about the disgruntled former employee who made threats when they were terminated? How about an angry and volatile customer who may become violent? We can conduct a thorough background investigation and threat assessment. This is often combined with surveillance of the subject to monitor their activity and/or possibly providing executive protection services for those who may be in harms way.

The Statistics

In the 14 months following the shooting in Newtown, CT, there were at least 44 school shootings. (Mayors Against Illegal Guns)

Between January 2009 – December 2013, there were 93 mass shootings in 35 US States. (Mayors Against Illegal Guns)

FBI Statistics

Most often occur in small to mid-size towns where law enforcement has more budget restraints and manpower issues.

Average incident last 12 minutes, but 34% last less than 5 minutes.

Offender is usually a single person, 97% of the time it is a male.

40% of the time they commit suicide afterwards.

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